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Horse Show Photography
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Register for Horse Show Photography*

*This form is only for future shows. Once a show begins, you can no longer pre-register. Be sure to read this form carefully. If you do not see your show you hope to receive pictures from, then this is not the correct form. 

What does registering do:
• Included with your $25
 registration fee is a $25 photo credit to use on your purchase

• you'll also receive a 10% discount valid for the first week following the show!
• Registering ensures that you are top priority. We always try our best to cover every rider, but occasionally we can only cover those who register.

Thank you for the support and kind words! Love y'all! - Kaleigh

If you do not see the correct show, then this is the wrong form!

Which Horse Show?
What will you be showing?
How did you hear of us?

Thanks for registering.

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