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Horse Show Photography
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Register for Horse Show Videography

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer horse show video services at select shows. To ensure we capture your best moments, pre-registration is mandatory.

What you will receive:

  •  A professionally edited video of your ride, including a mix of slow-motion and real-time clips. Our editor will go through the footage obtained, select the best parts, and edit these selects into one long video. Please note that no additional editing is included.
   •  A convenient download link to access your video after the show, available within 5 days.

Pricing is $100 total:

   •   $50 deposit required upon registration.
   •   $50 balance due after the show.

Register now to secure your spot and let our team at Kimberwick Visuals capture your equestrian excellence!


The following links are sample videos:

Vertical -

Horizontal -

Which horse show?
What discipline would you prefer video of?
How would you like your video?

Thanks for purchasing.

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